The University Crews.

The University crews yesterday took a short row up-stream in somewhat changed orders. In the first crew McGrew and Francis who have been rowing at five and three respectively, changed places. In the second boat Colby took his regular place at seven again, and Sanger was put at six in place of Bullard who moved to five. Bancroft was moved from five to three and Covel from three to bow. Jackson steered yesterday for the first time since the squad was formed, replacing Otis in the second boat.

In the few brushes between the two crews, the first gained gradually on the second, rowing a longer and somewhat lower stroke. Coach Higginson directed his attention rather to the individual faults of the men than to the general work. It is likely that one time row, and perhaps two will be held this week.

The crews rowed in the following orders:

First--Stroke, Brownell; 7, Ayer; 6, Foster; 5, Francis; 4, Shuebruk; 3 McGrew; 2, Swift; bow, James; cox., Ivy.

Second--Stroke, Smith; 7, Colby; 6, Sanger; 5, Bullard; 4, Derby; 3, Bancroft; 2, Phillips; bow, Covel; cox., Jackson.