Team Plays Pennsylvania at Manheim.--First Intercollegiate League Game

The cricket team will play the University of Pennsylvania today at Manheim in the first of the three games in the intercollegiate league. The second game in the series will be played between Harvard and Haverford at Haverford tomorrow, and the third will be played on June 7 between Pennsylvania and Haverford. The game will start about 11 o'clock this morning. At 1 o'clock there will be an intermission of an hour after which the game will continue.

The Pennsylvania team, which has not played Harvard before for two years, has been defeated badly several times this year. The team is weaker than usual and is inexperienced, having lost a number of its strongest players.

Although Harvard has been weakened by the loss of six of last year's players and has been handicapped by bad weather, which prevented outdoor practice the first of the season, the team has shown great improvement during the last two weeks. Out of the six games played three have been won and two recently against the strong teams of Lynn and Pawtucket. The fielding especially has shown a marked improvement lately. Carter and Tyng, the regular bowlers have developed well and are dangerous, but cannot always be relied on. Taylor and Drinkwater are the change bowlers. Rothermel will keep the wicket for Harvard; the absence of Mather will be a considerable loss.

The probable batting orders are as follows:

Harvard--Taylor, Drinkwater, Carter, Pasea, Moore, Rothermel, Bullinger, Brock, Waters, Krumbhaar, A. Tyng.

Pennsylvania--Barns, Evans, Moorhead, Smith, Weeks, Atlee, Atlee, Shepherd, Frazer, Tomlinson.