To be Dean of Faculty of Arts and Sciences.--Mr. Hurlbut His Successor.

At a special meeting of the Board of Overseers held yesterday afternoon in Boston, it was voted to concur with the President and Fellows of Harvard College in electing LeBaron Russell Briggs, LL.D., Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, to succeed Dean Smith, who has recently resigned. It was also voted to concur in electing Byron Satterlee Hurlbut, A.M., Dean of Harvard College to succeed Dean Briggs. They will assume their duties at the end of the present College year. It was also voted to concur in electing Alexander Agassiz LL.D., Director of the University Museum; in electing A. E. Kenelly, professor of electrical engineering to serve from September 1, 1902; in appointing J. B. Fletcher, A. M., assistant professor of comparative literature; C. H. C. Wright A. M., assistant professor of French; J. D. M. Ford, Ph.D., assistant professor of romance languages; F. N. Robinson, Ph.D., assistant professor of English; J. T. Bowen, M. D., assistant professor of dermatology; J. Warren, M. D., demonstrator of anatomy, all for five years from Sept. 1, 1902; in appointing A. O. Norton, A. M. instructor in history and the art of teaching from Sept. 1, 1902.

Dean Briggs graduated from Harvard College in 1875; from 1878-81 he was tutor in English; in 1883 he became instructor and in 1885 he was made assistant professor in English. In 1890 he was elected Dean of Harvard College and professor of English, positions which he has since held.

Professor Hurlbut graduated in 1887 and was appointed assistant in English in 1890. In 1891 he was appointed instructor in English; in 1895 he was elected recording secretary of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Last year he was made assistant professor of English.

Dr. Agassiz has held the position of director of the museum of comparative zoology, from which he resigned in 1898 and was made director emeritus. He will now become active director of the University Museum.