Officials for Handicap Games.

The list of officials for the handicap track games on Soldiers Field tomorrow at 4 o'clock is given below. Men who are unable to officiate should notify L. P. Frothingham, Holworthy 22, today.

Referee--W. F. Garcelon '95.

Starter--C. H. Schweppe '02.

Judges at the Finish--O. W. Richardson 3L., H. W. Foote 3Dv., A. W. Blakemore '97, G. B. Morison '83, T. E. Burke '99.

Timers--F. Wood, B. A. A.; John Graham.

Field Judges--E. H. Clark '96, C. S. Sargent '02, A. N. Rice '00, C. M. Rotch '01, E. Lewis '02.

Clerk of Course--L. P. Frothingham '02.

Assistant Clerks of Course--W. C. Clark '03, F. B. Hoffman '03.

Scorer--W. Wight '02.

Measurers--H. S. Knowles '02, S. Waller '03, F. I. Emery '02.

Announcer--C. G. Loring '03.