For Students in the Graduate School, the College and the Scientific School.

Following is a part of the circular of information issued by the University for students under the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

For information about College duties apply to the Recorder or the Assistant Recorder, University Hall, south entry, 1st floor, room 4.

For information about rooms and boarding places, for map of the College Yard and vicinity, all circulars, lists of courses of study, etc., and for general assistance of any kind, apply to the Committee on the Reception of Students, Professor N. S. Shaler, Chairman, University Hall, south entry, 1st floor, room 2.

For information about the Lawrence Scientific School apply to the Secretary of the School, in University Hall, north entry, 1st floor, room 16.


"Dropped" Freshmen register in Sever 11, between 4 and 5 o'clock: They meet their Advisers at 4 o'clock in the following rooms: Professor Gardiner,  Sever 9 Dr. T. Lyman,  Sever 30 Professor C. P. Parker,  Sever 18


"Dropped" Juniors and Sophomores register in University 19, north entry, 2nd floor, between 9 a. m., and 1 p. m.

Graduate Students and others desiring to consult Professor J. H. Wright, Dean of the Graduate School, should apply at University Hall, south entry, third floor, room 10, from 10 to 1 o'clock.

College Freshmen, Class of 1906, assemble in room 11, Sever Hall, at 9 o'clock and meet their Advisers at 9.30 o'clock in the rooms named below. A written list of studies for the entire year must be submitted to the Adviser. Freshmen who have not been assigned to Advisers will consult Professor C. P. Parker at 9.30 o'clock, in Sever 11. Professor C. P. Parker, Chairman,  Sever 11 Dr. Andrew,  " 26 Dr. Bouton,  " 24 Dr. Chase,  " 20 Professor Coolidge,  " 1 Professor Ford,  " 19 Professor Gardiner,  " 9 Professor Gulick,  " 17 Mr. Hall,  " B Mr. Harris,  " 13 Professor A. A. Howard  " 14 Mr. W. G. Howard,  " 29 Professor R. T. Jackson,  " 5 Dr. Lyman,  " 30 Dr. Merriman,  " 25 Mr. A. O. Norton,  " 8 Dr. Neilson,  " 7 Mr. Nutter,  " 27 Professor F. N. Robinson,  " 31 Mr. W. R. Spalding,  " 6 Dr. Sprague,  " A Professor Ward,  " 32 Mr. Winter,  " 18 Professor C. H. C. Wright,  " 23.

Registration of Freshmen in Sever 35 from 9 a. m. to 1 p. m.

Students from other Colleges admitted by the Committee on Admission from other Colleges must consult the Chairman of that committee, Mr. Cram, before making their choice of studies. Office hours, Wednesday and Thursday from 9 to 1 o'clock, in University Hall, south entry, second floor, room 5.

College Special Students in the first year of attendance will meet the Chairman of the Committee on Special Students in Massachusetts Hall, upper room, at 9 o'clock. At 9.30 o'clock they will meet their Advisers in the rooms named below. A written list of studies for the entire year must be submitted to the Adviser for approval. Mr. F. G. Hart, Chairman,  Univ. 5 Professor G. P. Baker,  Upper Mass. Dr. W. E. Castle,  Upper Mass. Mr. Cram,  Univ. 5 Professor Haskins,  Upper Mass. Prof. Clifford H. Moore,  Lower Mass. Professor G. H. Parker,  Lower Mass. Professor Sabine,  Lower Mass. Mr. Whittemore,  Upper Mass.