Fall Baseball Notice.

Fall baseball practice will begin today at 2 p. m. In case of rain a notice will be posted at Leavitt's. Men who signed blanks have been assigned to the following squads:

Mondays, Wednesdays ond Fridays at 2--Greenough, Lovering, Burns, Helliman, Hinckley, Peabody, Phillips, Stevenson, Robeson, Smidt, Bradley, Langley, Brooks, Estes, Adler, Howland, Silver.

3.15 -- Fischel, Pier, Cutter, Cunningham, Barton, Brooks, Wycoff, Dever, Dapping, Pieper, Stephens, Rice, Alexander, Reece, Tyler, Coonley, Bunting, Sheldon.

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 2 -- Tuckerman, Kernan, Jackson, Pettbone, Rowley, Colby, Newhall, Porter, Anthony, Gordon, Grant, Galvin, Hammond, Shepard, Bradbury, Stanton, Mead.

3.15 -- Mahan, Davis Swartz, Flint, Cunningham, King, Smith, Viaux, Reggis, Cohen, Kittredge, Bassett, Clement, Rivers, Howland, Gallaghen, Lowenthal, Vidand, Mead.

These squad divisions are provisional and subject to change. Any men wishing to play baseball, who are not in the above list, report at Soldiers Field at 2 o'clock sharp.