Deutscher Verein Play.

The Deutscher Verein will give this year as its annual play "Der Veilchenfresser," by Gustav von Moser. The following preliminary cast has been arranged: von Rembach, colonel and in command of a fort,  F. W. Cloud '05 Valeska, his daughter,  W. H. Chase '04 Sophie von Wildenheim, a widow,  F. H. Osgood '04 Frau von Berndt,  G. W. D. H. Gribble '06 Victor von Berndt, officer of Hussars, her nephew,  P. B. Robinson '03 Reinhard von Feldt, referendary,  W. E. Sachs '04 Frau von Belling,  O. R. Koechl '05 Herr von Golewski,  T. Ybarra '05 Herr von Schlegel,  H. F. Schwartz '04 Johann, servant, Minna,  chamber-maid, servants of Fran von Berndt,  W. H. Hubbard '03,  P. G. Henderson '05 Peter, Victor's servant,  P. B. Olney '03 Servants of Colonel von Rembach,  R. T. Craue '03 Servant of Frau von Wildenheim,  R. C. Kibbey '04

Synopsis of Scenes:

Act 1. In the house of Frau von Berndt.

Act 2. In a large fort, in the house of the commandant.

Act 3. In the house of Frau von Wildenheim.


"Der Veilchenfresser," one of Moser's most famous plays, is a modern comedy whose aim is to satirize the levity of German officers and military circles in general. The author shows, however, that underneath the frivolous exterior, these officers have the most genuine ideals. The action of the play centres about Victor von Berndt, who is nicknamed the "Veilchenfresser," or violet eater, from his habit of sending violets to all his passing loves. Owing to the elaborate scenery which will be used, it has been found necessary to shorten the play from four to three acts.

Rehearsals for the play will begin on February 24 and will continue regularly until the performances on April 2 and 3.