Harvard Finishes Third.--International Team Chosen.

The eleventh annual intercollegiate chess tournament, which took place in New York during the Christmas recess, was won by Columbia, with Yale second, Harvard third and Princeton last. This is the fourth time Columbia has won since the present series of intercollegiate tournaments was started, Harvard having won six tournaments and Yale one. The highest individual scores were made by G. W. Tucker, Jr., '05 of Columbia, who won all his three games, and C. T. Rice 2G. of Harvard, who won two and tied the third. The teams played as scheduled, except that L. P. Carr '04, first alternate, took the place of P. S. Estes '04, on the Harvard team.

The tournament was held at the Columbia Grammar School, New York, on December 29, 30, 31. On the first day Columbia took the lead by winning three games from Princeton, while Yale defeated Harvard by the score of 2 1-2-1 1-2. The score of the first day was, Columbia 3, Yale 2 1-2, Harvard 1 1-2 and Princeton 1.

In the second day's play, Columbia won two games from Harvard, and one was drawn; the fourth game, between Rice and Sewall, was unfinished, and was adjourned to be adjudicated. Yale defeated Princeton by the score of 2 1-2 to 1 1-2. At the end of the second day Columbia had won 5 1-2 games, Yale 5, Princeton 2 1-2 and Harvard 2.

The Columbia-Yale match in the last round was drawn, Columbia thus maintaining her lead of half a point over Yale. Harvard won two of her games with Princeton and drew two, thus scoring three points. Harvard was also awarded a win for the Rice-Sewall game, which had been left for adjudication. The final score was, Columbia 7 1-2, Yale 7, Harvard 6, Princeton 3 1-2.

The full score of the match is given below: COLUMBIA.   Won.  Lost. Sewall,  1  2 Keeler,  2  1 Tucker,  3  0 Barshell,  11/2  11/2 Totals,  71/2  41/2 YALE. Swain,  1  2 Adams,  2  1 E. B. Hull,  2  1 N. C. Hull,  2  1 Totals,  7  5 HARVARD. Rice,  21/2  1/2 Bridgman,  11/2  11/2 Clerk,  1  2 Carr,  1  2 Totals,  6  6 PRINCETON. Richardson,  11/2  11/2 Hankinson,  1/2  21/2 Bissell,  0  3 Pilgram,  11/2  11/2 Totals,  31/2  81/2

On Wednesday, at a meeting of the presidents of the chess clubs of Harvard, Columbia, Yale and Princeton, it was decided to accept the challenge which was recently received from Oxford and Cambridge, for the fifth annual cable chess match for the Isaac L. Rice trophy. The match will be held in April, and the American players will play at the rooms of the Boston Athletic Association.

The following team of six men was selected to represent the American Universities: C. T. Rice 2G. and P. W. Bridgman '04 of Harvard, F. W. Sewall '04 and H. A. Keeler '03 of Columbia, J. F. Sawin '04 of Yale and C. S. Richardson '03 of Princeton. G. W. Tucker, Jr., '05 of Columbia, J. H. Hankinson '03 of Princeton and E. B. Hull '05 of Yale were named as substitutes.