Yard Rooms Rules.

The following circular explaining the new rules in regard to the assignment of Yard rooms is being sent to the members of the University:

DEAR SIR.--I call your attention to the fact that rooms in the College Yard are hereafter to be let with special reference to their occupation by Undergraduates in the College and in the Scientific School.

Under the new rule, a student living inside the Yard may engage, between March 21 and March 31 next, the room that he now occupies, provided he is to be, during the academic year 1903-04, an Undergraduate in the College or in the Scientific School. But if he is not to be an Undergraduate in one of the departments named, he will not be allowed to engage his present room for the next academic year.

A student on leave of absence from the College or the Scientific School, and doing work in some other department, is not an Undergraduate within the meaning of the rule; nor is a student who holds an academic degree an Undergraduate, though registered as such in the College or in the Scientific School.

An Undergraduate, in the academic year 1903-04, who holds a room in the Yard through having engaged for that year, in March, 1903, the room that he now occupies, may have for his room-mate any other Undergraduate; but he may not take as his room-mate any person who would be ineligible, in March, 1902, to engage the room for himself were he then a tenant thereof.

Rooms which are not engaged by their present tenants in March will be assigned by lot on May 4, preference being given as stated on page 539 of the Catalogue for 1902-03. Undergraduates who secure rooms in the Yard by preference and, later, wish to take a room-mate, will be restricted in their choice of room-mates to such students as would, themselves, have been entitled to a like preference. An application signed by two persons, one of whom is not entitled to the Undergraduates' preference, will not be considered until all applications clearly entitled to that preference shall have been acted upon.

Persons who are to be students in the University, but not Undergraduates, in 1903-04, who shall secure rooms in the Yard after the Undergraduate preferences have been given, may take room-mates without regard to the above Undergraduate rule; but such persons will be entitled to hold their rooms only during the year for which the assignment is made. Very truly yours,   CHARLES F. MASON, Bursar.