Meeting of the Overseers.

At the meeting of the Overseers yesterday morning Professor Jaggar was appointed regent to succeed Professor Bartlett, who recently resigned. F. L. Olmsted, formerly instructor in landscape architecture, was elected to the Charles Eliot professorship of landscape architecture, and C. R. Sanger, formerly assistant, was made professor of chemistry. J. H. Ropes, assistant professor of New Testament criticism and interpretation, was elected Dexter lecturer on Biblical literature.

The Overseers voted to concur with the President and Fellows in their votes appointing the following administrative boards for the Lawrence Scientific School and the Graduate School for the year 1903-1904:

Lawrence Scientific School--Dean N. S. Shaler Professors I. N. Hollis, H. L. Warren, C. R. Sanger, H. L. Smyth, W. E. Castle, J. L. Love, C. A. Adams, E. C. Jeffreys, F. L. Kennedy, A. L. Norton, J. G. Hart, E. A. Darling.

Graduate School--Dean J. H. Wright, Professor C. L. Jackson, W. M. Davis, G. F. Moore, H. C. G. von Jagemann, A. L. Lowell, G. L. Kittredge, H. Munster-burg, M. Bocher.