Plans Similar to Those of Last Year.--Men Chosen From 1904 and 1905.

The Freshman Reception Committee will meet in the Assembly Room of the Union on Monday evening at 7.15 o'clock to discuss plans for the year, and to receive the blank invitations. This year, as during previous years, each member of the Committee will invite to his room ten or a dozen Freshmen, giving them a chance to meet socially and informally, a number of their own classmates and some prominent upperclassmen. An informal reception to the whole class, with singing and one or two short speeches, may also be given.

The following Executive Committee has been appointed: J. A. Burgess '04, A. A. Ballantine '04, J. H. Densmore '04, H. Minturn '04, F. D. Roosevelt '04, R. A. Derby '05, S. N. Hinckley '05, R. Oveson '05.

The regular committee has been appointed as follows:

From 1904--R. R. Alexander, P. H. Allen, W. G. Baer, A. V. Baird, T. P. Beal, Jr., W. H. L. Bell, H. H. Bennett, F. W. Bird, T. Blagden, R. M. Bleakie, W. R. Bowie, L. Brown, W. J. Clothier, B. de N. Cruger, P. Dana, J. Daniels, H. Dillingham, G. Donald, R. G. Fuller, E. Furman, G. S. Greenfield, R. T. Holt, H. S. Hutchinson, M. H. Ivy, J. Jackson, E. R. Little, G. Lawton, F. G. Macomber, Jr., R. F. Manning, V. S. Manson, C. B. Marshall, T. G. Meier, 2d, H. Otis, C. R. Post, H. C. de Rham, Jr., W. K. Rainsford, E. C. Rust, R. Sanger, W. E. Sachs, K. K. Smith, J. T. Soutter, T. B. Souther, A. L. Thayer, S. A. Welldon.

From 1905--R. Atherton, C. Bigelow, H. V. Blaxter, W. H. Bradley, R. H. Bollard, C. C. Bolton, J. P. Bowditch, J. W. Brock, Jr., G. Brooks, F. T. Colby, A. L. Derby, H. C. Egan, W. M. Elkins, W. Field, H. V. Greenough, A. E. Harding, Jr., A. Hemenway, Jr., R. D. Humphreys, B. Joy, H. Kernan, A. W. Locke, H. F. Mason, P. O. Mills, H. C. Ober, B. S. Prentice, F. F. de Rham, P. Sanger, R. E. Sard, W. A. Schick, Jr., L. T. Swaim, R. D. Shipman, M. Tilden, A. C. Travis, J. A. Tuckerman, H. B. Webster, R. Winsor.