Pierian Prospects.

The prospects of the Pierian Sodality this year, are very good, a large number of the old members having returned to College and the new material being fairly promising. It is hoped to have fifty men in the orchestra and twenty in the Glee Club. About twenty concerts in and about Boston, besides those usually given in Sanders Theatre, will be arranged during the year.

Dates have already been set for the following concerts: November 20, Zelland Lodge, Masonic Temple, Boston; December 12 and 16, Boston Art Club; January 12, Cochato Club, Braintree; January 15, St. John's Lodge, Masonic Temple, Boston; January 20, Colonial Club, Dorchester; March 23, Newton Club, Newton.

After the trial, yesterday evening, the following men were retained:

Orchestra--Violins, J. Weare '07, J. M. Mouson '07, A. B. Weiler 1L., G. A. Knight '07, J. S. Bell, Jr., '07, O. Goldsmith '07, van Loon '06, A. D. Gring '07, J. M. A. Lyeth '07, J. W. Johnson '05, H. J. Wiener '07, R. F. Weston '07; clarionet, K. Tuttle '07; cornet, C. M. Hartwell '06; flute, G. F. Fenner '06; French horns, A. P. Haines 1G., F. J. Dawle '07.

Glee Club--Tenors, N. E. Olds '05, C. L. Olds '05, H. I. Dyer '06, A. P. Haines 1G.; basses, J. K. Jackson '04, A. P. Crum '06, A. W. Belcher '04, W. W. Jones 1G., G. H. Stevens '07.

The whole orchestra will report for rehearsal on Monday at 7.30 o'clock in Roberts Hall. Men playing drums or simpani, are especially urged to be present.

All members and candidates for the Glee Club should learn the words of "Fair Harvard," and report on Wednesday night at a place to be announced later.