Officials for Fall Track Games.

The annual fall handicap games will be held on Soldiers Field Thursday, October 29, at 4 o'clock. An entrance fee of 25 cents will be charged to those who have not H. A. A. tickets.

Following is the list of officials,--those who cannot serve are requested to notify Payson Dana, Holworthy 1, before Thursday morning:

Marshals--E. C. Rust '04, A. N. Rice '00.

Referee--W. F. Garcelon L.'95.

Judges at the Finish--H. S. Knowles 1L., F. D. Roosevelt '04, J. Jackson '04, E. Fischel '04.

Timers--F. M. Wood, B. A. A., John Graham.

Field Judges--W. A. Schick '05, F. W. Bird '04, H. Otis '04, F. R. Bauer '04.

Clerk of Course--P. Dana '04.

Assistant Clerks of Course--S. Stone '05, R. E. Sard '05.

Starter--C. H. Schweppe '02.

Inspectors--W. Drinkwater '04, M. Ivy '04, R. Roberson '05, R. T. Holt '04.

Measurers--C. R. D. Meier '05, D. Davis '05, F. W. Bailey '05, R. W. Bryant '05.

Announcer--A. V. Baird '04.

Scorers--C. de Young '05, W. Field '05.