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Deplorable State of 1907 Football.



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To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

From personal observation of the practice of this year's Freshman eleven and from inquiries of the coaches and players I am forced to believe that the spirit of the class must be something deplorable. The team has met with little success in its matches thus far, and with the Yale game but two weeks off, it is natural to look for the cause of so unhappy a situation. It certainly cannot be in the coaching for the regular coaches are constantly on the field, and there is hardly a day when several University coaches and players do not assist conscientiously. The other cause which naturally suggests itself is that of poor material. There are fewer and lighter men playing now than there has been within the last six or eight years. The fact that five Freshmen are being kept on the University squad certainly does not account for this state of affairs. I have learned that not more than 100 men handed in their names at the beginning of the season, and that of these not more than 75 ever appeared for practice. In spite of the fact that very few were dropped by the coaches the squad has gradually grown smaller by desertion until now it is difficult for the coaches to keep up a second eleven, and on the first a single player is being used to substitute two or more positions. For example, one man is playing substitute guard and fullback while another is placed, as necessity requires, at either tackle, guard, or center. I was told by the head coach that he had inserted in your columns an appeal to the class to brace up and produce more candidates and that, after the notice had been published on three successive days, there was not a single response. Even now he is looking about for new candidates and urging them to come out, and almost begging some members of the second eleven not to go back on their class. Not to go back on their class! Is not this state of affairs a pitiful introduction of the class of 1907 to the three older classes in College and to the classes that have gone before? Is not the class of 1907, so long as it preserves this attitude towards its athletic responsibilities, doomed to four years of mediocrity and failure? GRADUATE.

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