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Mr. P. V. Bacon '98 Again Offers Cups.--Rules Revised.

By C. B. Marshall.

Mr. P. V. Bacon '98 has offered to give cups for the scrub football series this year as in previous years. The purpose of this series is to broaden active interest in football and to give every man in the University a chance to play on a regularly organized team. The following are the revised rules governing the contests.

1. This organization shall be known as the "Harvard University Scrub Football Series."

2. All arrangements shall be under the direction of T. P. Beal, Jr., Westmorly 25, manager of the series.


3. Entries of teams not composed of Freshmen must give name of team, name of captain and names of at least eleven and not more than sixteen players.

Individuals wishing to play may enter their names together with their positions. From these names a committee will make up additional teams Entries must be made in blue-books at the Union or at Leavitt's before 4 o'clock, Tuesday, October 13.

4. Freshman teams shall be appointed by the Freshman coach and no man by being assigned to such a team shall be considered as no longer a candidate for the Freshman team.


5. No team shall have more than five players from any class team, nor more than six players from all class teams.

6. University squad players shall not be eligible.

7. No graduate ineligible or unwilling to play on the University eleven shall be eligible. This rule does not apply to men excluded merely on account of the one-year residence rule. Not more than three graduates shall be allowed on any scrub team.

8. After the first game of the series, no member of any team may become a member of any other team.


9. The schedule will be published in the CRIMSON on Thursday, October 15, and games will start at once. It is necessary to complete the schedule by November 1. before which time the upperclass teams will not be organized.

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