More Than $1,000,000 Given to University to Promote Applied Science.

By the will of Gordon McKay, who died last month in Newport, R. I., the University will receive within a few years, one million dollars, and later the whole estate which may amount to several millions.

By the terms of the will, which was filed yesterday, the University is to receive from the estate eighty per cent of the balance of the net annual income, after certain annuities amounting to about $50,000 have been paid. This eighty per cent, however, will not be given to the Corporation until the sum of one million dollars has been accumulated. But after this sum has been paid over, the eighty per cent will be paid annually.

After the death of the last surviving annuitant, the estate, including all unexpended income, will be given to the University. And it is directed that this sum and the interest before paid shall be known as the Gordon McKay Endowment.


The conditions on which this bequest is to be made is that "the net income of the Endowment be used to promote applied science; first, by maintaining professorships, workshops, laboratories, and collections for all of those scientific subjects which have applications useful to man; and second, by aiding meritorious and needy students in pursuing those subjects."

The Corporation is further directed to take especial care that the subject of mechanical engineering be thoroughly provided for from the Endowment.


In case the Corporation fails to accept these conditions, the estate is to be given to the trustees in trust to apply it for the purposes enumerated in the above conditions.

The will makes stipulations about the salaries of the professorships, so that able men will be attracted, and also directs that all the equipment, instruments, machinery, etc., shall always be kept of the best designs and quality.

It is estimated that it will take from five to ten years for the eighty per cent of the net income, which is at present the share of the University, to accumulate to the sum of a million dollars. It will therefore be some time before the University receives anything. Eventually, however, a very large sum will be turned over to the Corporation.