Progress of Freshman Rowing.

There will be no Freshman crew races this fall. At present, from the thirty men at work, two evenly matched crews have been chosen, which are rowing in barges, working chiefly on a slow recover and on the finish and catch. All the other men are working at the machines. The rowing will continue this fall as long as the weather remains warm. Five men are trying for coxswain: Baldwin, Ogilby, Snyder, Brown and Forbush.

The order of the crews is as follows:

Stroke, Tappan; 7, Potter; 6, Swaim (captain); 5, Richards; 4, Wilder; 3, Simmons; 2, Richmond; bow, Wiswall.

Stroke, Farley (captain); 7, Goodale; 6, Stackpole; 5, Sherwin; 4, Van Stade; 3, Fay; 2, Lilly; bow, Fuller.