Class Debating Trials.

Questions for the interclass debates have been submitted by the Seniors and Sophomores.

The question as submitted by the Seniors to the Juniors for their first debate is: "Resolved that the following form of closure should be adopted by the Senate; (a) a motion shall be in order at any time, setting a time for voting on a bill, which motion shall be decided by a two-thirds vote without debate; (b) the time for the vote shall be extended, if necessary, to allow every opponent of the bill so desiring to have one hour in which to state his objections to the bill."

Trials for the two teams will be held next Tuesday evening; the Juniors in Sever 11 at 7 o'clock; the Seniors at a place to be announced later. Each speaker will be allowed ten minutes and a first and second team in each class will be retained. Candidates for the Senior team should send their names to E. C. Johnson, Hollis 25, before 10 o'clock next Monday. Juniors should send their names to R. P. Dietzman, Conant 20, before 10 o'clock next Monday.

The question submitted to the Freshmen by the Sophomores is: "Resolved, That the productive industries of the United States will be benefitted by legislation securing immediate reciprocity with Canada."

Trials will be held for both teams next Monday and Thursday evenings at places to be announced later. On Monday each speaker will be allowed five minutes, and six men will be retained in each class. At the second trials on Thursday, ten minutes will be allowed each speaker, and first and second teams will be chosen. Sophomores should send their names to A. E. Wood, College House 32, before 1.30 o'clock next Monday; Freshmen to G. B. Stevens, College House 41, before 1 o'clock next Monday.