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Professor Jackson's Lecture Today.


Professor R. T. Jackson will give the fifth of the series of six lectures on geological subjects this afternoon, at 4.30 o'clock in the Geological Lecture Room of the University Museum. His subject will be "Evidences for Evolution Shown by Some Fossil Types."

The doctrine of evolution assumes that species of animals and plants are not separate creations but are descended from one another, thus making one great family. The proofs of evolution rest mainly on intermediate or transitional forms in adults, and also on stages in development. It is this latter phase which Professor Jackson will consider in his lecture. In the young, forms of development are found which are comparable to those of adults of simpler and geologically older types in the group to which the organism belongs. It is to the fossils in the rocks, therefore, that the scientist must turn to study the genealogy of organic forms. With the aid of the stereopticon, Professor Jackson will demonstrate the various methods of occurrence of stages in representative types and will show to what ancestors these may be referred.

The lecture will be open to the public.

Professor W. M. Davis will give the last lecture of the series next Friday, on "The Geological History of Niagara Falls."

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