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Baseball Notice.

By W. Clarkson.

The baseball candidates have been divided into squads as given below: These squads are subject to change. If any one has been left out who desires to play this spring, or if any one cannot report in the squad assigned he is requested to send notice immediately to A. H. Weed, 11 Apthorp House. Practice will commence in the cage on Monday. Every man must report at the hour assigned or give reason for not doing so.


1.45--Tuckerman, Castle, Dole, Heggin, Alexander, McAleer, Burns, Hammond, Holton, Thayer, Parker, Mason, McDonnell, Thomas.

2.15--Whitcomb, Franklin, Comins, Swift, Hutchinson, Smith, Wales, Stillman, Kernan, Harrington, Fischel, Elkins, Marean, Helliman, Jaques.

2.45--Stephenson, Cunningham, Quigley, Howland, Dapping, Lehmann, Hamlen, Coburn, Taylor, Cutter, McKenzie, Hammond, Coonley, Henneberry, Bradley.

3.15--Skilton, Black, Matthews, Lovering, Daly, Carr, Coolidge, Bowditch, Randall, Stery, Murphy, Greenough, Kernan, Marshall, McGuire, Minturn, Bolton, Robeson, Dever, Bennett, Pieper, Sheldon, Pier, Dana, Mitchell.

4.00--Adams, Tyler, Leonard, Carpenter, Winsor, Dorr, Heltzen, Viaux, Chandler, Hamilton, Humbert, Putnam, Fitzpatrick, Gammons, Dewar, Hinckley, Taylor, Barton, Vose, Smith, Souther, Beals, Estes, O'Riorden, Cary, Cohen, Colby, Crocker, Fox, Joy, Leary, Lewis, F. V. Murphy, F. D. Putnam, Rowley, Auten, Berry, Renn, Kelley.


5.00--Ackerman, Abbot, Barklage, Burns, Blatterman, G. R. Boggs, F. G. Boggs, Burden, Cross, Chadbourne, Davol, Dana, Delano, Emby, Eastland, Greenough, Grant, Gordan, Garceau, Grey, Galagher, R. Grant, Hammond, Hayward, Holmes, Howard, Jones, Leonard, Lowenthal, Lee, Matsakata, Marean, Mendel, Midleton, McBurney, Mitchell, Nesmith, Newhall, Nye, Nichols, Paul, Parker, Peters, Perry, Pingree, Porter, Reece, Reggio, Rowley, Reilly, Sperry, Schwartz, Spencer, Sloan, Silver, Talbot, Ware, Whalen, Wertheim, Weymouth, Waldo, Yule, Moore, Vidaud, Bradbury, McLadon, Heyman, Stanton, Weston, MacNutt, Keeney, Cutter.

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