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Mid-Year Examinations.


Examinations begin at 9.15 a. m., except those specially announced below for 2.30 p. m. Examinations must not extend beyond three hours.

Regulations: "No student is permitted to take any books or papers into the examination room except by express direction of the instructor. No communication is permitted between students in the examination room on any subject whatever."

"A student who is not in the examination room within five minutes after the hour appointed for the examination shall not be admitted without permission of the instructor or officer in general charge of the examinations." Examinations Today. Rom. Phil. 5,  Sever 35 Engineering 15a,  Pierce 109 Physics 5,  Jeff. Lab. rm. 25 German A: (Assignment of Rooms, German A). Mr. Reed's Section, 1,  Harvard 6 Mr. Lawrence's Section, 2,  Harvard 6 Mr. Wernaer's Section, 4,  Sever 6 Mr. Dubee's Sections, 10, 11,  Sever 17 and 18 Mr. Grossman's Section, 12,  Sever 29 Mr. Sturtevant's Sections, 3, 6,  Sever 35 Dr. Bierwirth's Section, 5,  Upper Dane Dr. Skinner's Section, 7,  Upper Dane Dr. Coar's Sections, 8, 9,  Lower Mass. Students who have conditions in German A,  Lower Mass. French A: (Assignment of Rooms, French A). Abbott to Updigraff (inclusive),  Upper Mass. Valentine to Woodbridge,  Lower Mass. Examinations Tomorrow. Greek 9,  Sever 29 Latin 15,  Sever 29 Class. Phil. 39,  Sever 29 English 1,  Sever 24 German D,  Zool. Lect. Rm. German 29,  Sever 17 French 1c,  Upper Mass. Economics 12a,  Harvard 5 Land. Arch. 1,  Robinson Hall Music 2,  Holden Mathematics 22,  Holden Engineering 5c,  Pierce 202 Engineering 12b,  Pierce 209 Physics 6a,  Holden Chemistry 2,  Fogg Lect. Room Chemistry 5,  Fogg Lect. Room Geology 8,  Geol. Lab. Rm. 23 Mining 4,  Sever 17 Anthropology 1,  Upper Dane History 16a: (Assignment of Rooms, History 16a.) Adams to Coburn (inclusive),  Sever 30 Coleman to Fish (inclusive),  Sever 32 Ford to Ybarra,  Sever 35 German 1a: (Assignment of Rooms, German 1a.) Ach to Hurley (inclusive),  Sever 5 Leary to Zimmerman,  Sever 6 English 8a: (Assignment of Rooms, English 8a.) Andrews to Ernst (inclusive),  Harvard 5 Faulkner to Zanetti,  Harvard 6 Fine Arts 4: (Assignment of Rooms, Fine Arts 4.) Abbot to Kenyon (inclusive),  Upper Mass. Lacy to Winston,  Lower Mass. 2.30 p. m. History 1: (Assignment of Rooms, History 1.) Abbot to Goodrich (inclusive),  Upper Mass. Gordon to Levy (inclusive),  Lower Mass. Lewis to Prall, (inclusive),  Sever 35 Preston to Sloan (inclusive),  Harvard 5 Small to Warner (inclusive),  Harvard 6 Warren to Yule,  Upper Dane

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