March Articles by Graduates.

The following articles in the March magazines are by Harvard graduates:

Atlantic Monthly--"The Writing of History," by A. T. Mahan h.'95; "The Masters," by F. L. Knowles '96; "Academic Freedom in Theory and Practice," by A. T. Hadley h.'99.

Century--"Love-Watch," by C. Y. Rice '95.

Cosmopolitan--"Making a Choice of a Profession--Insurance," by C. F. Thwing '76.

Everybody's--"Work with the Hands," by B. T. Washington h'96.

Harper's--"Real Life," by E. S. Martin '77: "Editor's Easy Chair," by W. D. Howells h.'67.

Leslie's--"John Drew," by F. S. Hoppin, Jr., '96.

McClure's--"The Triumph," by A. S. Pier '95.

National--"The Mother's Dream," by W. Barnes '88; "Art Movements of Today," by F. W. Coburn '91; "Studies of Books and Their Makers," by F. L. Knowles '96.

North American Review--"The Ambassadors," by Henry James '99.

Outing--"Hunting the Big Game of Western Alaska," by J. H. Kidder '92.

Pearson's--"The White Persian," by J. J. Bell '47L.

Popular Science Monthly--"Mental and Moral Heredity in Royalty," by F. A. Woods '98M.; "Science versus Art Appreciation," by John Quincy Adams '53.

Scribner's--"The Twentieth Century City," by John Corbin '92.

World's Work--"The Carnegie Institute of Washington," by D. C. Gilman h.'76.