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On Soldiers Field at 4 o'clock.--Entries and Times for the Events.


The University handicap track games, with 140 entries in the various events, will be held on Soldiers Field this afternoon at 4 o'clock. In case of possible postponement on account of the weather. a notice will be posted at Leavitt's and the games will be held tomorrow. An admission fee of 25 cents will be charged to all except holders of H. A. A. and baseball press tickets. Admission tickets may be bought at Leavitt's or on the field.

The bad weather has made the track slow. The men, however, are in good condition and the games should therefore furnish good competition, if not very excellent performances from the standpoint of records. Prizes will be given for first and second places in each event, but the Wells Cup for the quarter-mile will not be run for. Only the first and second men in the trial heats will quality for the finals. The handicaps will not be announced until directly before the games.

The officials will be as follows:

Marshal--S. G. Wells '86.

Referee--T. E. Burke '01.

Judges at finish--H. S. Knowles 1L., A. F. Nazro '03, S. Waller '03.

Starter--C. H. Schweppe '02.

Timers--J. Graham, F. Wood.

Field judges--A. N. Rice '00, C. H. Robinson '04, F. B. Scheuber '05.

Clerk of course--W. C. Clark '03.

Assistant clerks of course--P. Dana '04, H. L. Riker '03.

Scorer--C. de Young '05.

Measurers--H. Otis '04, G. O. Winston '04, S. A. Welldon '04, T. P. Beal '04.

Announcer--J. A. Field '03.

The orders and times of events, and the entries, are as follows:

Track Events.

4 p. m., 120 yards hurdles, trials--F. R. Bauer '04, G. G. Hubbard '05, O. J. Ives '03, F. W. Bird '04, S. Johnson '05, K. H. Gibson '04, M. E. Story, Jr., '04, R. M. Dole '06, J. R. Howard '04, R. Abercrombie '03.

4.10 p. m., 100 yards dash, trials--H. B. Coburn, Jr., '06, B. D. M. Greene '06, B. W. Greenwood '04, A. W. Rice '05, F. F. de Rham '05, N. S. McKendrick '04, H. W. Blaxter '05, J. E. Haigh '03, W. A. Schick, Jr., '05, J. A. Powelson '05, E. C. Smith '04, W. Tyng '05, W. M. Shohl '06, M. Williams '06, D. Parson '05, A. Derby '03, E. D. Hofeller '06, M. G. Perkins '06, L. Grilk '04, R. M. Robins 1L., R. B. Gring '05, A. Tyng '04, J. H. Kangley '06, F. M. Murphy '03, C. P. Middleton '06, R. E. Tracy '06, M. T. Lightner '03.

4.20 p. m., 880 yards run--J. O. Bailey '06, J. C. Linehan '03, T. H. McMahan '06, R. M. Walsh 3L., P. L. Barbey '04, G. E. Behr, Jr., 2G., J. J. Moynahan '05, O. Chew '03, L. H. Leary '05, K. E. Adams '08, B. Newman '05, J. W. Foster '03, W. M. Griffin '05, W. G. Clerk 1G., F. S. Buffum '04, C. L. Ames '06, S. Curtis '05, L. W. Bickley '04, C. E. Mason '05, P. L. Beckwith '06, W. Wadsworth '04, W. C. Henry '03.

4.25 p. m., 120 yards hurdles, finals.

4.35 p. m., 100 yards dash, finals.

4.40 p. m., 440 yards run--J. O. Bailey '06, J. C. Linehan '03, E. K. Thurlow '06, P. L. Barbey '04, E. H. Fitzhugh '06, S. T. MacCall '03, G. E. Behr, Jr., 2G., J. E. Haigh '03, H. H. Whitman '06, O. Chew '03, J. A. Powelson '05, E. C. Smith '04, E. M. Ayer '03, T. W. Simpson '05, B. Newman '05; J. W. Foster '03, E. J. Dives '06, F. S. Buffum '04, T. G. Spencer '06, R. W. Kelso '04, E. Q. Abbot '06, J. F. Henderson '05, S. Curtis '05, T. B. Dorman '06, S. E. Turner '05, R. M. Dole '06, M. T. Lightner '03, F. W. C. Foster '03.

4.50 p. m., 220 yards hurdles, trials--F. R. Bauer '04, G. G. Hubbard '05, O. J. Ives '03, A. Peterson '04, F. W. Bird '04, K. H. Gibson '04, J. R. Howard '04.

5 p. m., 220 yards dash, trials--J. O. Bailey '06, H. B. Coburn '06, B. D. M. Greene '06, E. K. Thurlow '06, F. F. de Rham '05, J. E. Haigh '03, E. C. Smith '04, W. Tyng '05, M. Williams '06, E. M. Ayer '03, M. Y. Perkins '06, L. Grilk '04, R. N. Robbins 1L., J. A. Kangley '06, R. E. Tracy '06, M. T. Lightner '03.

5.10 p. m., mile run--H. P. Williams '03, W. F. Conant '04, R. M. Walsh 3L., A. W. rice '05, C. O. Barnes '05, G. D. Boardman '03, W. A. Colwell 2G., R. C. Ware '04, E. P. Trott Sp., W. A. Greene '04, L. C. Ledyard 3L., G. Robinson '06, E. H. Peirce '04, D. W. Howes '03, J. H. Stone '04, W. M. Griffin '05, H. T. Williams '03, F. S. Buffum '04, M. R. Pratt '04, A. S. Weiner '05, D. L. Furness '04 L. G. Dodge '04, S. Whitaker '03, S. Curtis '05, E. Auten, Jr., '04, R. F. Gardiner '06, R. E. Cropley '06, A. Dana '06, G. E. Cole '04, A. O. Christensen '06, B. C. Tower '06.

5.20 p. m., 220 yards hurdles, finals.

5.30 p. m., two-mile run--H. S. Lyon '06, L. H. Schoff '04, R. C. Ware '04, G. Robinson '06, A. King '03, H. H. Rowland' 06, J. H. Stone '04, J. H. Hall '03, G. E. Cole '04, A. O. Christensen '06, B. C. Tower '06.

5.45 p. m., 220 yards dash, finals.

Field Events.

4 p. m., 16-1b. shot put--A. r. Knowlton Sp., F. H. Schoenfuss '04, J. A. Burke '04, T. H. Graydon '03.

4 p. m., high jump--F. F. de Rham '05, I. E. Tufts '03, W. M. Shohl '06, A. Derby '03, E. L. Young, Jr., '06, R. B. Gring '05, W. Soule '06, O. Chew '03, F. M. Murphy '03, J. M. Rothwell '05, W. E. Story, Jr., '05, R. E. Crane '05, R. Robeson '05.

4.30 p. m., pole vault--E. M. Sawyer '04, A. Robeson '04, R. B. Gring '05, J. J. Lewis 3L., E. Q. Abbot '06, A. Tyng '04, W. E. Story, Jr., '04.

4.30 p. m., broad jump--F. F. de Rham '05, N. S. McKendrick '04, C. S. Waldo '06, J. O. Foss '06, S. a. Greeley '03, L. H. Leary '05, W. B. Jordan '06, W. M. Shohl '06, F. P. Moore '05, A. Derby '03, K. Smith '05, E. J. Ford '05, A. Tyng '04, J. G. Hahlo '05, F. M. Murphy '03, P. W. Bridgman '04, C. B. Marshall '04, P. L. Hammond '06, H. C. Egan '05, P. R. Ayres '05.

4.45 p. m., 16-1b. hammer throw--A. J. Timmins '05, W. W. Thayer '06, F. L. Arensburg '04, W. T. Piper '03. H. J. Elam 2L., R. Oveson '05, C. A. Barnard 2L.

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