Freshman Rowing.

The work of the Freshman crews yesterday was very light and consisted principally in rowing short stretches in pairs and fours, and occasionally in eights, under the direction of J.F. Perkins 3L., who coached from the "John Harvard."

The orders were as follows:

First crew--Stroke, Guild; 7, Hollingsworth; 6, White; 5, Burchard; 4, Pleasanton; 3, Kellogg; 2, Judd; bow, Flint; cox., Williams.

Second crew--Stroke, Shepard; 7, Hyde; 6, Sabine; 5, Moller; 4, Switzer; 3, Corlett; 2, Clark; bow, Monro; cox., Borden.

Later Shepard replaced Guild at stroke in the first boat.

The Freshman crew will row a race with Worcester High School over a 1 1-2 mile course on Lake Quinsigamond on Saturday, May 23. The management of the crew is also arranging for a race with the Stone's School crew to be held about three weeks before the race with Yale.