Handicap Games Tomorrow.

As there will be a baseball game Thursday, the University handicap track games, postponed from before the recess, will be held on Soldiers Field tomorrow afternoon at 4 o'clock. Additional entries may be made today with Mr. Graham at Soldiers Field.

The list of officials has been revised and is now as below. Men who cannot serve should notify W.C. Clark, Claverly 1, before tonight. The following should be at Soldiers Field at 3.30 o'clock tomorrow:

Marshal--S.G. Wells '86.

Referee--W.F. Garcelon '95.

Judges at finish--T.E. Burke '01, H.S. Knowles 1L., A.F. Nazro '03, S. Waller '03.

Starter--C.H. Schweppe '02.

Timers--J. Graham, F. Wood.

Field judges--A.N. Rice '00, J.C. Lord '03, C.H. Robinson '04, J.Q. Tingley '05.

Clerk of course--G.H. Hodgkins.

Assistant clerks of course--W.C. Clark '03, P. Dana '04, H.L. Riker '03.

Scorer--C. de Young '05.

Measurers--H. Otis '04, G.O. Winston '04, S.A. Welldon '04, T.P. Beal '04.

Inspectors--L.F. Peck '04, F.D. Roosevelt '04, W.R. Bowie '04.

Announcer--J.A. Field '03.