Cheering in Square at 8.--Forty-three Men Will be Taken to New Haven.

The University track team leaves Cambridge this morning for New Haven to compete in the annual dual games with Yale. The team will leave the Square by special car at 8.20 o'clock and will proceed to the Back Bay station where they take the 9 o'clock train for New Haven. On their arrival there they will go at once to their headquarters at the Pequot Club, where they will remain until just before the games tomorrow. The team will return tomorrow night on the 6.55 o'clock train, arriving in Boston about 11 o'clock.

The baseball management has decided that it would be unwise to allow Kernan to go to New Haven, owing to the difficult game expected tomorrow.

The following forty-three men will be taken: M. T. Lightner '03, W. A. Schick '05, L. Grilk '04, M. Y. Perkins '06, J. E. Haigh '03, W. G. Clerk '03, E. J. Dives '06, J. W. Foster '03, K. E. Adams '03, S. Curtis '05, G. E. Behr 2G., W. A. Colwell 2G., A. King '03, J. N. Hall '03, R. M. Walsh 3L., J. H. Stone '04, A. Dana '06, D. W. Howes '03, E. P. Trott '05, O. J. Ives '03, F. W. Bird '04, F. R. Bauer '04, R. Abercrombie '03, A. Peterson '03, J. Q. Tingley '05, F. H. Schoenfuss '04, C. H. Robinson '04, J. V. Burke '04, W. T. Piper '03, R. Ovesen '05, R. Robeson '05, C. A. Barnard '03, F. M. Murphy '03, R. E. Crane '05, W. B. Jordan '06, D. R. Ayres '05, R. B. Gring '05, E. M. Sawyer '04, A. Robeson, '04, A. Derby '03, P. Dana '04, John Graham, J. H. Converse 2M.