Lacrosse with New York College.

The University lacrosse team will play its first game of the season with the College of the City of New York this afternoon at 3 o'clock on Soldiers Field. During the past week all the men have made much improvement, but still the catching and the passing, especially of the attack, is rather poor.

The College of the City of New York has already been beaten by Columbia and Pennsylvania. The teams will be composed as follows:

Harvard--Tomlinson, Leake, g.; Phillips, Lehman, p.; Hanavan, c.p.; E. M. Smith, 1d.; Kibbey, 2d.; Rice, 3d.; Bennett, c.; Penhallow, 3a.; Parson, Adams, 2a.; Blaxter, 1a.; Michell, o.h.; K. K. Smith, i.h.

N. Y. College--Stuart, g.; Rae, p.; Johannsen, c.p.; Saltzer, 1d.; Evans, 2d.; Lark, 3d.; Norman, c.; Kegelman, 3a.; R. Donahue, 2a.; Clark, 1a.; Adams, o.h.; E. Donahue, i.h.