University Crews Have Time Row

During the past two days several important changes have been made in the orders of the University crews. Dillingham has taken Wolcott's place as stroke of the first eight, and Wolcott has been moved to stroke in the second. Webster and Filley, who have been rowing at 2 in the first and second boats respectively, have also changed places. Otherwise the orders are the same as on Wednesday.

Yesterday, the crews rowed up-stream over the three and three-eights miles course, starting at the Union Boat Club and finished at the Weld boathouse. The second crew was given a start of 20 seconds, and although it led throughout the entire distance, the first gained steadily and at the finish there were but a few feet of open water between the two boats. Shortly before the finish the first crew, which had been rowing a steady stroke of 30, took a spurt and at the finish was rowing 36. The time was encouraging, even under almost perfect weather conditions.

The orders follow:

First crew--Stroke, Dillingham; 7, Lawson; 6, McGrew; 5, Duffy; 4, F. W. C. Foster; 3, Hartwell; 2, Filley; bow, Swaim; cox., Litchfield.

Second crew--Stroke, Wolcott; 7, Haycock; 6, R. Foster; 5, Ayer; 4, Derby; 3, Ober; 2, Webster; bow, George; cox., Ivy.