Improved Freshman Practice.

In yesterday's Freshman football practice the first eleven continued the steady improvement which it has been making in the past few days.

After a short signal practice the first team lined up against the second for a 35-minute scrimmage, and succeeded in making three touchdowns. On the kick-off the first eleven received the ball and rushed it down the field by long gains through the second. The next kick-off was again to the first team, for which Lincoln made good gains and carried the ball over for the second touchdown. The second team then received the ball but was forced to kick. The last touchdown was also made by Lincoln:

The offense of the first eleven was excellent and the assistance given to the runner was greatly improved. The second team's line played a hard and consistent game.

The line-up was as follows: FIRST ELEVEN.  SECOND ELEVEN. Bacon, l.e.  r.e., McDonald Pell, l.t.  r.t., Bird Barney, l.g.  r.g., Morgan Grant, c.  c., Whitney Harrah, r.g.  l.g., Wagstaff Warren, r.t.  l.t., King Ball, r.e.  l.e., Appleton Newhall, q.b.  q.b., Haskell Gilder, r.h.b.  l.h.b., Noble Lincoln, l.h.b.  r.h.b., Washburn Apollonio, f.b.  f.b., Dutcher