The University Orchestra and Band.

The University Orchestra this year is composed of fifty pieces, and is under the direction of J. W. Johnston '05, who has done all the coaching. The orchestra will begin to give concerts about December 1, the following performances having already been arranged although the dates are not yet definitely decided on; two concerts at the Boston Art Club; one at the Colonial Club, Dorchester; one at the Belfry Club, Lexington; one at the Oxford Club, Lynn; and one at the armory of the First Corps Cadets, Boston. Besides these there will be about 25 other concerts that have not yet been arranged. One will probably be held in Sanders Theatre just before Christmas.

At present all work on the orchestra has been set aside so that more time may be given to the work of the University Band, which will play at the game at New Haven on November 19.

The following men are now playing on the band:

Cornets--G. W. Boland, H. W. Wright, C. M. Hartwell, V. O. Lungren, O. F. Langmann, A. J. Smith, F. D. Lowrey.

Baritones--J. J. McKenzie, H. P. Pratt.


Altos--H. R. Shaw, S. P. Graves, P. P. Marion, F. J. Dawley, H. W. Mills.

Trombones--A. P. Gibson, L. E. MacDonald, R. W. Stearns, J. G. Donovan.

Basses--C. A. Lewis, R. F. Weston, A. S. Foster, A. B. Clarke.

Clarinets--K. Tuttle, P. Stoddard, M. R. Porter.

Picollo--J. T. Fenner.

Drums--J. W. Hall, H. L. Crane, H. O. Tilton, C. F. Luggo, A. C. Sproul, A. P. Rice.