Shooting Club News and Plans.

The second of a series of three shoots between the Harvard Shooting Club, Boston Gun Club, Watertown Gun Club and Watertown Independents was held at Wellington Saturday. The Boston Gun Club won with a score of 184 out of a possible 250 points. The other scores were as follows: Watertown Independents, 179; Harvard, 170; Watertown Gun Club, 168.

The individual scores made by the University team were: P. Bancroft 2L., 38; W. M. Wright '04, 37; T. L. Marsalis '04 (captain), 34; H. P. Marshall '04, 32; R. C. Foster 2L., 29.

As the clubs now stand in the series, Boston leads with a score of 359, the Watertown Independents are second with 349 and Harvard and the Watertown Gun Club are tied for third place with 335 points each. The final match will take place on Saturday, March 26.

The Shooting Club has other matches scheduled as follows: March 19, B. A. A. Gun Club, at B. A. A. rifle range; April 2, Birchbrook Gun Club, at Wellington.

The second shoot of the final round of the interclass series, between 1904 and 1906, will be held on Thursday, March 24. The Seniors won the first shoot last Wednesday by the score of 114 to 88.