Haverford Won Friday, 306 to 59; U. of P. Won Saturday, 187 to 78.

The University cricket team was badly defeated by Haverford at Haverford on Friday by the score of 306 to 59. The defeat was due to the greatly superior batting and fielding of the Haverford team, and also to Harvard's unfamiliarity with a hard turf wicker, after practice on a softer cocoa-matting wicket. Haverford caught out seven of the University team, and both Bonbright and Hopkins scored centuries, not out. For Harvard, F. C. Taylor did the best bowling, and King scored the most runs. Only two men made double figures.

The score in detail follows: HARVARD. W. N. Taylor, c. C. C. Morris, b. Godley  0 Morris, c. Bonbright, b. Pleasants,  2 Carter, b. Godley,  8 Gummere, c. Priestman, b. Godley,  0 Barnes, c. and b. Pleasants,  2 Wyndham-Gittens, b. Person,  1 F. C. Taylor, b. Pleasants,  0 Dougherty, c. H. H. Morris, b. C. C. Morris,  4 Spiers, c. Bonbright, b. Doughten,  15 Trainer, c. and b. Dolughten,  0 King, not out,  26 Extras,  1     -- Total,  59 HAVERFORD. C. C. Morris, c. Trainer, b. F. C. Taylor,  8 Godley, c. Barnes, b. Gummere,  27 Peason, c. Trainer, b. Gummere,  8 Bonbright, not out,  101 H. H. Morris, b. F. C. Taylor,  37 Hopkins, not out,  111 Extras,  14     -- Total,  306

Doughton, Priestman, Lowry, Pleasants, and Pierce did not bat.

Pennsylvania, 187; Harvard, 78.

On Saturday, the University team was defeated by the University of Pennsylvania at Haverford by the score of 187 to 78. The team batted and fielded in better from, but as the men still knocked high flies, six were caught out. Pennsylvania's batting was steady and reliable, and White's century made his team's victory decisive.


The score in detail: HARVARD. W. N. Taylor, b. Graham,  8 Morris, c. Baker, b. De Ravin,  8 Carter, c. Hollins, b. De Ravin,  10 Gummere, c. Graham, b. De Ravin,  0 Barnes, c. Peirce, b. De Ravin,  8 F. C. Taylor, c. Peirce, b. De Ravin,  7 Wyndham-Glittens, b. De Ravin,  4 Dougherty, b, De Ravin,  0 Spiers, c. Peirce, b. Graham,  1 King, b. De Ravin,  2 Trainer, not out,  14 Extras,  16     -- Total,  78 PENNSYLVANIA. White, c. Spiers, b. F. C. Taylor,  106 Baker, b. F. C. Taylor,  9 De Ravin, b. F. C. Taylor,  9 Evans, b. Morris,  0 Holland, b. Morris,  1 Peirce, b. F. C. Taylor,  1 Barnes, c. Gummere, b. Morris,  1 Weeks, b. F. C. Taylor,  44 Christman, st. Trainer, b. F. C. Taylor,  2 Graham, c. Dougherty, F. C. Taylor,  7 MacFarland,  7     -- Total,  187