Statement from Track Manager About Basketball Communication.

[We invite all men in the University to submit communications on subjects of timely interest. The CRIMSON is not, however, responsible for the sentiments expressed in such communications as may be printed.]

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

I would like to say a few words in regard to a misunderstanding which found expression in a communication published in yesterday's CRIMSON.

The substance of one statement in this letter was that the track management had neglected to change the hours of practice on the afternoons on which basketball games were scheduled. After a short talk with the basketball manager the matter was cleared up. He now understands that owing to several circumstances it was impossible and impracticable to change the track team hours, one objection being that in so large a squad of men many had afternoon lectures.

There was also a misunderstanding in arranging for the games. When spoken to last fall concerning the Thursday afternoon games I understood that they were already arranged, that Dr. Sargent had already granted his permission, and that it would complicate matters for the basketball management if these games had to be changed. Under the circumstances, thinking that all branches of athletics should work in harmony, and being assured that these games would greatly help the basketball team if played, I made no protest.


There have, however, been several protests from individuals during the last few days, and although the track management made no protest it found that the regular track work was interrupted to some extent on these days.

In order, therefore, to oblige those who are inconvenienced and in order not to interfere with the track work more than is absolutely necessary, the basketball manager, after talking the matter over with me, decided wherever possible to change the Thursday afternoon games to the evening. R. E. SARD.