Relay, Diving and Water Polo Events in Dunster Tank at 8 o'clock.

The class relay swimming races will be held at 8 o'clock this evening in the Dunster tank. There will be five men on each team and every man will swim four times the length of the tank, a total distance of about 50 yards.

The order of events will be as follows: relay races--1905 vs. 1906, 1907 vs. 1908; diving exhibition; final relay race for the class championship; exhibition game of water polo between the first and second teams.

J. Garrett '04 will act as starter, and E. George '03 and W. Kent '04 as judges. An admission fee of 25 cents will be charged.

The relay teams are made up as follows:

Seniors--V. F. Jewett, C. R. D. Meier, W. Tyng, P. A. Proal, D. Wagstaff.


Juniors--A. O. Christensen; R. R. Hellmann, W. M. Shohl, T. S. Farrelly, H. L. Lincoln.

Sophomores--D. C. Noyes, J. V. Quinlan, F. H. Middleton, L. Howe, E. Farley.

Freshmen--O. A. Wyman, P. Boyer, H. C. Knoblauch, R. S. Coryell, D. H. Coddington.