Many Eights on the River Yesterday.--Coach Stephenson's Record.

The dormitory crews started rowing yesterday afternoon under the supervision of Coaches Rice and Stephenson. The work done was on the whole favorable. Several of the crews which have had little former experience were given preliminary work on the machines. In the others the work of the boat was retarded by one or two inexperienced oars, although several of the crews, notably those of Westmorly, Holyoke Street, Randolph and Claverly, were composed entirely of men who had rowed before. The large number of men who reported was very encouraging as two crews were able to row from Randolph and Westmorly. All those men who are not rowing on regular crews should report at the Newell Boat Club at 3.30 o'clock this afternoon, and as many new eights will be formed as there are available candidates.

Men must report dressed to row this afternoon at the following hours:

From Newell Boat Club--At 3.30, Alsoroweds (all men not rowing on other dormitory crews), Russell, Dunster; at 4, Mt. Auburn Street, Fairfax; at 4.20, Waverly, Craigie, Conant and Walter Hastings; at 4.40, Thayer, Claverly; at 5, Grays.

From Weld Boat Club--At 4.45, Randolph, Matthews, Holyoke Street; at 5, Westmorly, Holworthy, Weld.

Candidates from Ridgely should report at the Newell Boat Club at 3.30 o'clock, and if there are enough men a Ridgely crew will be formed.