Lowell Institute Lectures

During the present season of the Lowell Institute public lectures in Huntington Hall, Boston, the following professors and instructors from the University will deliver courses of lectures:

Professor Barrett Wendell '77 will give four lectures on "The National Ideals of America."

Professor G. P. Baker '87 will deliver a series of eight lectures on "The Development of Shakspere as a Dramatist."

A course consisting of four lectures will be given by assistant Professor J. H. Gardiner '85 on "The Literary Power of the English Bible."

Professor J. J. Putman '66 will deliver eight lectures upon the subject, "Certain Prevalent Nervous Derangements and the Outlook for their Prevention."


"Modern Physical Chemistry" will be the subject of a course of four lectures, which will be given by Doctor Wilhelm Ostwald, Professor of Chemistry in the University of Leipzig.