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University and Class Tennis Play


The semi-finals of the University doubles tennis tournament yesterday afternoon resulted as follows:

Sulloway 2L. and Cole 2L. defeated Stackpole '07 and Eaton '07 6-2, 6-0, 7-5. Niles '09 and Cutler '09 defeated F. Roche '09 and Harriman '09 6-2, 6-1, 6-0.

Sulloway and Cole worked well together and entirely outplayed there opponents. They stayed close to the net, and were able to place their returns very accurately. The second match was much more interesting than the score would indicate. All four men worked hard, but there was a tendency to drive, and many returns were outside. The feature of the match was Niles's excellent service.

This afternoon at 2 Sulloway 2L. and Cole 2L. will meet Niles '09 and Cutler '09 in the finals for the doubles championship of the University.

The interclass tournament will begin this afternoon and will be governed by the same regulations as the championship tournaments. A schedule has been placed on the north wall of the CRIMSON office, and the result of each match must be posted there by the winners before 6.30 o'clock this evening. In case of a failure to do this both sides will be considered out of the tournament.

The singles will be played first, and the doubles will start as soon as the singles are finished. 1906 will play 1907, and 1908 will play 1909. Each match will count one point, and the two classes securing the most points will play on Wednesday for the class championship.

The schedule of matches for this afternoon is as follows:

Singles at 2--Whitman '06 vs. Eaton '07; Smither '06 vs. Morse '07; Grant '06 vs. Henshaw '07; Graves '06 vs. Harlow '07; Dorman '06 vs. Johnson '07; Whiting '06 or Jordan '06 vs. Nichols '07 or Stackpole '07; Hackett '08 vs. Niles '09; A. Fraser-Campbell '08 vs. Cutler '09; Tyng '08 vs. Dabney '09; Leonard '08 vs. Werthermier '09; Davis '08 vs. Harriman '09; Frelinghuysen '08 vs. Ackerland '09.

This morning Whiting '06 will meet Jordon '06, and Nichols '07 will meet Stackpole '07. The winners of these matches will play in their respective teams.

The schedule of matches in doubles, to start as soon as the singles are finished, follows:

Whitman '06 and Smither '06 vs. Morse '07 and Harlow '07; Grant '06 and Graves '06 vs. Henshaw '07 and Eaton '07; Dorman '06 and partner (Whiting '06 or Jordon '06) vs. Johnson '07 and partner (Nichols '07 or Stackpole '07); Tyng '08 and A. Fraser-Campbell '08 vs. Niles '09 and Cutler '09; Hackett '08 and Leonard '08 vs. Dabney '09 and Werthemier '09; Davis '08 and Frelinghuysen '08 vs. Harriman '09 and Ackerland '09.

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