Union House Committee Meeting

At the meeting of the House Committee of the Union last night several important changes and additions to the by-laws were made. Applications for rooms for club meetings, which have been made heretofore merely by signing a book in the office must, hereafter, be passed upon by one of the members of the House Committee. For this purpose some member of the Committee may be found in the office of the Union every afternoon from 1.30 to 2.30 o'clock. At least 15 per cent. of the members of any club using the Union rooms for meetings must be members of the Union. The Committee furthermore reserves the right to assign rooms according to the per cent. of Union members in the clubs applying, and rooms may be taken away from any club on one week's notice. The training tables will be given preference in the choice of rooms.

It was voted to extend to members, living in nearby dormitories the privilege of ordering light lunches, such as may reasonably be made at the lunch counter, sent to their rooms between 6 and 12 P. M. A special attendant will be employed to receive orders, either in person or over the telephone, for these lunches.

In order to add to the attractiveness of the restaurant the House Committee has engaged a small orchestra to furnish music during dinner.

Beginning tomorrow morning the Union will be open only to members and the committee reserves the right to publish in the CRIMSON the names of non-members using the building.

On the third Friday of each month the Union will be open to ladies accompanied by members from 2.30 to 5.30 o'clock.