University Team's Offense Proved Irresistable in Fast, Clean Game.

The University football team defeated Brown Saturday afternoon by the score of 10 to 0 in a game which was fast and cleanly played from beginning to end.

In both offense and defense the University team showed encouraging improvement and only the aggressive spirit and shifting formations of the Brown eleven prevented a larger score. The backs started with snap and hit the line hard. The linemen, also, showed more speed in opening up holes. An encouraging feature of the game was the almost entire absence of fumbling.

One touchdown was made in each half, the first after about 10 minutes of play. The rest of the first half was a punting contest between Adams and Burr. Both made long, high kicks, with the advantage slightly in Burr's favor. Harvard's second touchdown was scored after the ball had been carried over 100 yards by straight rushing. It was made in 30 plays on one of which Harvard was penalized five yards for offside play. Starr showed excellent judgment in directing the plays and this, combined with the ability of the backs to gain at critical moments, kept the ball for Harvard on several occasions where a punt seemed necessary. Brown was unable to get nearer Harvard's goal than the 33-yard line. As in the West Point game, the University team was unable to gain around the ends, whereas Brown's longest gains, two quarterback runs of over 20 yards each, were made around O'Brien.

At the centre of the line Kersburg and Burr both showed some improvement. The ends were still slow in getting down on punts, O'Brien missing several easy tackles. Behind the line Foster and Wendell were effective in making gains when called upon. Leonard made the most brilliant tackle of the game, picking Schwartz up and carrying him back five yards. Carr could be relied on for short gains and played a strong defensive game. Nesmith, who has been playing right halfback regularly, had a small bone in his leg broken and will be unable to play for some time, possibly not again this season. Newhall's shoulder was wrenched in the first half but he was able to finish out the period. Starr, who replaced him in the second half, put more life into the team and varied his plays with excellent judgment.

Burr kicked off to Adams who ran back from the 1 to the 20-yard line. Curtis gained three yards through right tackle but Brown was penalized 15 yards for holding and Adams punted. Foster received the ball on Brown's 45-yard line and ran the ball back 25 yards. On account of holding the run was not allowed, and the ball was sent back to the 50-yard line. From there the first touchdown was scored in 13 plays. Nesmith went across through tackle for eight yards. Carr failed to gain, and Foster added eight more-yards around left end. Knowlton made two short gains and Brown was penalized five yards for offside play. Carr netted seven yards on two plays and Foster gained four around left end before he has thrown by Pryor's fierce tackle. Brill on tackle-back plays added three yards through centre and eight through the left side of the line. After two short gains Knowlton scored. Burr missed the goal.

For the remainder of the first half neither goal was in danger. Foster received the kickoff on the 10-yard line and by hard running was able to follow his interference back 25 yards. Harvard was penalized five yards for offside play and Burr punted outside on the 40-yard line. Brown gained first down once and after an exchange of punts made 14-yards in six rushes. Adams punted to Newhall on the 32-yard line. In four downs Harvard carried the ball back 15 yards and Burr punted to the 35-yard line. After Brill and White had stopped the next two plays for a loss Adams was again forced to punt. Harvard fumbled on the first down and Brown secured the ball on Harvard's 43-yard line. An exchange of punts gained five yards for the University team. Carr stopped the next play for a loss and Adams lost two yards more on a fake kick by running too far in. He then punted to Newhall who was downed in his tracks on the 12-yard line. Foster made 10 yards on a cross line play and, after short gains by Wendall and Brill, time was called with Harvard in possession of the ball on its own 27-yard line.

Adams opened the second half by kicking over the goal line. Burr punted out to Brown's 40-yard line and, aided by a 20-yard quarterback run, Brown returned the ball to Harvard's 40-yard line. Adams then punted to Starr on the 12-yard line. From there Harvard carried the ball the length of the field by straight rushing. With Knowlton back Starr gained four yards around right end, and Wendell just made first down. Foster, Carr and Wendell each gained first downs, Wendell and Foster netting 16 yards in three plays. Wendell and Carr were then given the ball alternately for eight plays and advanced it 25-yards. With Knowlton back 12 yards were added, Foster carying the ball to the 25-yards line. Harvard was penalized five yards for offside play and on the third down with seven yards to gain Foster went through his own tackle for 12 yards. Carr and Wendell made a first down and Knowlton carried the ball to the five-yard line. Brown was penalized two and one-half yards, Knowlton gained a yard and Carr went over for the second and last touchdown. Starr punted out, but Dennie by a sensational jump caught the ball and prevented a try for a goal.

After the kickoff Leonard punted but the pass was poor and the ball went only to the 48-yard line. Brown advanced the ball to Harvard's 33-yard line but was then forced to punt, the ball going over the line. Leonard punted out, and after Brown had been penalized 15-yards for holding Adams returned the punt to Starr who made a beautiful dodging run of 25-yards. Time was then called, with the ball in the centre of the field.

The summary: HARVARD.  BROWN. O'Brien, l.e.  r.e., Russ Brill, l.t.  r.t., MacGregor, Hazard Burr, Peirce, l.g.  r.g., Fletcher White, c.  c., Thomas Kersburg, r.g.  l.g., Westervelt Knowlton, r.t.  l.t., Kirby

Macdonald, r.e.  l.e., Pryor, DennieNewhall, Starr, q.b.  q.b., Schwartz, RackleFoster, Leonard, l.h.b.  l.h.b., Curtis, ChaseNesmith, Wendell, r.h.b.  r.h.b., Weikert, MayhewCarr, f.b.  f.b., Adam