Costly Fumbles Prevent Higher Score.--Many Changes in Line-up.

The University football team defeated Bowdoin yesterday afternoon on Soldiers Field by the score of 16 to 0.

The score does not show accurately the relative strength of the two teams, for if the fumbling and holding had been eliminated, Harvard should have made at least two more touchdowns. The University team was able to make short gains through the Bowdoin line almost at will, and punted several times when it was not necessary. Cunniff's passing was not as good as White's and was partly responsible for some of the fumbling. Brill was unreliable, but Spear, who replaced him in the second half, was fast and did some good work in breaking through and blocking plays. O'Brien played his usual steady game at end. Grant made one remarkably good tackle, but his work was not otherwise noticeable. Hall punted well but lost a chance for another touchdown by failing to get a ball, fumbled near Bowdoin's goal-line. Hanley, whose work so far had been unsatisfactory, braced up and played a hard game. The Bowdoin team were very light and the line was unable to hold. Their secondary defence was fair, but the punting, especially in the first half, was very uncertain.

Brill kicked off to Redman on the 5-yard line, who ran back 15 yards. Being unable to gain Bowdoin punted to Foster, who advanced the ball to the 49-yard line. From there Harvard carried the ball the length of the field by straight rushes of three and four yards each, Hanley crossing the line for the first touchdown. Cunniff failed to kick the goal.

On the kick-off the ball went very low and, hitting Cunniff, bounced back to the 51-yard line. The next play was a succession of fumbles, two Bowdoin men finally succeeding in holding on to the ball. Redman was tackled by Wendell for a loss of eight yards, and after losing two yards more Bowdoin punted outside on the 50-yard line. Several punts were exchanged and time was called with the ball on Bowdoin's 15-yard line.

In the second half Newhall received the kick off on the 23-yard line and ran back 25 yards. Foster made four yards through left tackle and Hall punted to Bowdoin's 30-yard line. Bowdoin was forced to punt, but the pass was high and was fumbled by Bass, the ball going to Harvard on the 5-yard line. Squires scored the second touchdown and Cunniff kicked the goal.


Failing to gain after the kick-off, Bowdoin punted to Hall on the 35-yard line. Harvard was penalized 15 yards for holding. Leonard gained four yards and Harvard was again penalized 15 yards for the same offence. After several exchanges of punts Leonard ran around left end for 17 yards. With the ball on the three yard line the backs started too soon and Newhall went around right end for a touchdown. White missed an easy goal. For the rest of the time the ball stayed near the centre of the field and was on Bowdoin's 37-yard line when time was called.

The summary:HARVARD.  BOWDOIN.O'Brien, Grant, Bird, l. e.  r. e., W. DrummondBrill, Spear, l. t.  r. t., StacyParker, Kersburg, l. g.  r. g., PowersCunniff, White, c.  c., Thomas, ButtrickPeirce, McFadon, r.g.  l. g., HawkesworthSquires, r. t.  l. t., SkolfieldBurnaham, Hall, r. e.  l. e., J. DrummondNewhall, q.  q., Bass, BlairFoster, Leonard, l. h.  r. h., RedmanWendell, Nesmith, r. h.  l. h., Green, GastonguayHanley, Somes, f. b.  f. b., Blanchard, Adam