Yale, 27; Wesleyan, 0

NEW HAVEN, CONN., October 4.--Yale defeated Wesleyan this afternoon in football by a score of 27 to 0. The work of both teams was ragged in the first half, and as a result of frequent fumbles Yale only scored once. In the second half Yale's superior weight began to tell and with good team work four touchdowns were made in ten minutes. Long runs by Stevenson, Jones and Bigelow were features of the game. Captain Shevlin did not play on account of poor physical condition.

The Yale line-up was as follows: l.e., Congdon, Beebe; l. t., Forbes; l.g., Erwin, Andrews; c., Flanders; r. g., Tripp, P. Smith; r.t., Bigelow, Turner; r. e., Stuart, Overall; q., Hutchinson, Jones; l. h., Hoyt, Veeder; r. h., Morse, Stevenson, Wiley; f. b., Flinn, Quill.

The results of the more important intercollegiate football games yesterday were:

Pennsylvania, 16; Gettysburg, 6.

Dartmouth, 12; Vermont, 0.


Brown, 24; Amherst Agricultural College, 0.

Colby, 5; Coburn, 0.

Columbia, 21; Seton Hall, 0.

Carlisle Indians, 27; Susquehanna, 0.