Exciting Contests Yesterday.--Two Bumps.--Hard Fight for Positions.

The final race of the inter-dormitory bumping series was successfully rowed yesterday afternoon. Only two bumps were made, one in each division, but all the crews fought hard for their positions, and the races were consequently the most exciting of the series. One of the best contests of the afternoon was between the Holworthy-Stoughton and the Brattle street crews, the former boat finally making the bump.

Division A lined up for the start at 3.30 o'clock, but it was twenty minutes later before the gun was fired. The order of the crews was as follows: 1, Westmorly; 2, Claverly; 3, Holyoke (first); 4, Waverley; 5, Brattle street; 6, Holworthy-Stoughton; 7, Mt. Auburn street. Owing to dissatisfaction with the decision of the judges on Wednesday Dunster-Drayton did not row yesterday.

Westmorly made a fast start and rapidly pulled away from Claverly, which for a time was in danger from the Holyoke boat. Claverly held its own, however, and slowly gained on the boat ahead. Brattle street, in the meanwhile, was making desperate efforts to overtake Waverley and might have succeeded, had not the Holworthy-Stoughton crew, which was rowing a much slower and steadier stroke, caught up and made its bump not two hundred yards from the finish. The latter crew proved to be one of the best on the river and would probably have bumped the Brattle street boat much sooner but for an accident to the stroke's slide at the start.

Division B lined up promptly, but was delayed in starting by the Russell crew, which had to return to the boat house because of a leak in its shell. At 4.45 o'clock the crews started in the following order: 1, Matthews; 2, Thayer; 3, Perkins-Conant; 4, Beck-Fairfax; 5, Weld; 6, Grays; 7, Russell; 8, Holyoke (second).

Matthews and Thayer both held their positions at the head of the division, although Matthews was constantly in danger from the other boat. Perkins failed to show the good form of the preceding day and, when finally overtaken by Fairfax, was fully six lengths behind the next crews. When the judge's pistol, signalling the bump, was fired, the Perkins crew inexcusably disregarded the signal and continued rowing. Weld soon overtook them and thinking they had made a bump, stopped. Grays was thus deprived of the possibility of a bump, but finished in good form with Russell a length behind. The Holyoke (second) crew finished raggedly several lengths in the rear. Fairfax, after bumping the Perkins crew, ran into the bank in an effort to avoid a collision with Weld. After some time the shell was loosened and towed to the boat house by the launch.


No more bumping races will be held this fall and officially the inter-dormitory series are over for the year. No definite winner can be picked from this series, but the crews with the best records feel satisfied with the outcome. It is possible, however, that some informal challenges will be given and deciding races rowed next week between the more successful crews, but this matter has been left entirely to the individual captains.