On Travers Island.--University Team Fast, But Chances Favor Cornell.

The seventh annual intercollegiate cross country run will be held on Travers Island this afternoon at 4 o'clock. Teams have been entered by Harvard, Yale, Pennsylvania, Cornell, Columbia, and by Princeton and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which did not compete last year.

This is the third year the races have been held on the Travers Island course, which is six miles in length and laid out like the English cross country courses.

There are seven men in each team, but only the first four to finish qualify for places. Each place counts according to its numerical value; that is, the actual position in which a man finishes is put down to the score of his team, and the team having the smallest total wins the meet. Individuals finishing first, second, and third will received gold, silver, and bronze-medals respectively. Medals will also be given to members of the teams winning first, second, and third places.

The Harvard squad started the season with only two men of the late year's team back, M. S. Crosby '08 and C. J. Jackman sL., but the trial races have shown that the team is good enough to have a fair chance for second place in the meet today.

Following are the entries from which the teams will be picked to run today:


Harvard--A. King 3L., (captain), H. M. Turner '06, C. J. Jackman sL., H. T. Miller sS., S. T. Hubbard '07, M. H. Stone '07, M. S. Crosby '08.

Cornell--E. L. Simpson, A. Starr, C. F. Megoffin, M. Sleeth, B. J. Lemon, A. L. Willgoose, J. C. Heminway, W. Reid, E. E. Seelye, J. V. Colpitts, H. Gillette, R. F. Hunter, W. S. Nobis.

Institute of Technology--D. Adams (captain), H. R. Callaway, P. J. Clapp, C. M. Beam, W. R. Tompson, G. H. Ruggles, H. T. Ruggles, C. H. Howard, C. S. Clapp.

Columbia--R. deC. Green (captain), A. B. Zink, C. D. Macdonald, J. A. Fried, J. W. Brodiux, B. Sanders, H. G. Piel.

Princeton--J. L. Eisele, E. W. Walker, T. H. Atherton, S. L. Crawford, J. H. Kelley, E. H. Kelly, R. P. Lingle, J. D. Rush.

Pennsylvania--S. H. Terry, C. P. Major, G. Haskins, A. T. Goldwater, F. A. Hoskins, C. McConnell, A. Hirst, S. W. Root, R. Wagner, C. R. Vernon.

Yale--W. J. Hail, D. W. Porter, J. P. Scudder, E. B. Parsons, N. O. Friel, E. L. Warren, W. V. A. Waterman, W. C. Gibson, T. G. Wright, D. L. Boardman.