Memorial Arrangements Tomorrow

Final arrangements have now been made by the Harvard Dining Association for the spread tomorrow, when ladies will be entertained at dinner for the first time in the history of the Hall. The large hall will be decorated with palms and flags, and an orchestra will play popular selections, especially the new football songs. The small dining room at the South end of the hall will be furnished as a ladies dressing room, and a main will be in attendance. The small room under Sanders Theatre will be used as a men's dressing room.

Instead of serving two dinners as was originally intended, it has been decided to serve one meal only, a table d'hote dinner, from 11.45 to 1.15 o'clock. As there is to be but one sitting the additional time thus gained will enable ticket holders to come at their convenience, and if they choose, to visit the gallery before leaving. The price of seats is $1 each and application may be made at the Auditor's office for a few seats that are still left.

A spread, not open to ladies, will be served in Sanders Theatre from 11.15 to 1.15 o'clock for other members of the Dining Association and graduates. Undergraduates and graduates of Yale will also be admitted to this spread, for which tickets may be obtained at the Auditor's officer on the day of the game.

Cars will be run from the subway to the hall and from the hall to the nearest point to the Stadium.