More Than 50 Candidates Reported Last Night.--Schedule for Practice.

Forty-nine men reported last night as candidates for the University and class basketball teams. To this number will probably be added names of several men who were unable to attend the meeting.

W. A. Spencer '06, manager of the University team, spoke briefly on the care which each man must take of his own physical welfare. R. F. Griffiths '06, captain of the University team, explained the plans for the year, and urged the men to make every possible effort to turn out a winning team. C. L. Schrader, gymnastic instructor, reviewed the history of basketball in the University, explained some of the essential points of the game, and emphasized the necessity for all men of athletic ability to support this branch of sport.

The candidates will be divided into class squads which will practice to develop teams to take part in the interclass series, the dates for which were announced in a previous issue of the CRIMSON. For the present there will be no regular coach, but the squads will be directed by old University team men. Members of the winning class team will receive their class numerals as well as cups provided by the management.

At the close of the class series, the University squad will be chosen, and every effort will be directed toward preparing the team for its intercollegiate schedule, which has been already announced. W. H. Knox has been appointed by the Intercollegiate League as referee for all league games in Cambridge.

Practice will begin tonight in the Gymnasium at the following times: 1906 at 6 o'clock; 1907 at 6.45 o'clock; 1908 at 7.15 o'clock: Law and Medical School men at 8 o'clock; and 1909 at 8.15 o'clock.


Any men interested, who were unable to attend the meeting last night, may report at the Gymnasium this evening with their respective classes.

The following men reported last night as candidates:

Forwards--H. M. Holmes '06, C. E. Ware '06, J. P. H. Chandler '07, T. F. Downey '07, J. J. McCarty '07, L. Niles '07, H. S. Powers '07, H. L. Reed '07, H. M. Tillinghast '07, E. S. Barber '08, W. C. Chamberlin '08, F. D. Utley '08, H. Kempner '08, K. A. Mossman '08, W. J. Schloss '08, T. G. Sessa '08, E. S. Allen '09, P. Brooks '09, L. P. Clarke '09, W. L. Remick '09, F. P. Moore 2M., W. J. Musgrove 1G.

Centres--H. L. Lincoln '06, G. W. Bailey '07, H. P. Forte '07, A. R. MacAusland '07, R. F. Smith '07, E. T. Dana '09, W. H. Dial '09.

Guards--R. F. Hammatt '06, D. Macomber '06, J. Murdoch, Jr., '06, G. W. Proctor '06, F. M. Wright '06, E. L. Burnham '07, D. Clark '07, P. B. Goode '07, L. O. Howard '07, M. A. Norton '07, C. Almy '08, G. M. Dwelley '08, J. B. Marsh '08, B. M. Vance '08, M. Fromholz '09, A. B. Kastor '09, F. Shaw '09, H. A. Fischer 1L., E. L. Plietsch sS., H. H. Turner sS.