Yale Letter

Now that the football season is over the athletic interest of the university is centering about basketball, swimming and hockey.

The outlook for a championship basketball team is very poor, as only four men of last year's squad are in college, and of these, Captain Rockwell is the only one who played regularly. To overcome this lack of material an early call was made for candidates for the class teams. The series of interclass games, which has been in progress for about a month, was won by the Sophomores. This preliminary practice has greatly assisted the coaches in picking out the best candidates for the university team. The schedule this year is a hard one, starting December 4, and including a Christmas Southern trip, which starts December 20.

Hockey candidates will be called out this week, and a team will be formed to play a few games prior to the opening of the Intercollegiate season.

Fall crew work for the university and freshman crews ended last week. This fall Yale has had four university crews and one freshman crew rowing daily since the regatta. The regular spring training will begin shortly after Christmas.

The Musical Clubs are practicing daily in preparation for their Christmas trip through the Central and Middle Western States.


The Track Association is greatly improving the Yale track. A graduate presented the Association with the necessary materials, and the track is being entirely remade. When the present improvement is completed the track should be one of the best in use among the colleges.

Inter-department debates are being held to pick teams for the debates with Harvard and Princeton.

Sheffield Scientific School has recently received a legacy of $250,000, left to it by Mr. M. D. Viet. This bequest, one of the largest ever received by the school, was left for furthering its physical, mathematical, and scientific purposes. Although Mr. Viet was not a graduate of Yale, he has long been interested in the work of the Scientific School.