Athletic Committee Meeting

At a meeting of the Athletic Committee on Wednesday evening the following appointments were approved: W.C. Chamberlin '08 as second assistant manager of the University basketball team; E.I. Marks '09, and H.L. Carlebach '09 as manager and assistant manager, respectively of the Freshman basketball team.

The following University hockey schedule was also approved:

December 9--Graduates at Cambridge.

December 13--Brookline at Cambridge.

December 16--Andover at Cambridge.


January 13--Columbia at New York.

January 17--Undecided.

January 20--Princeton at New York.

January 24--Undecided.

January 27--Brown at Boston.

January 31--Springfield at Boston or Cambridge.

February 3--Roxbury at Boston.

February 7--Undecided.

February 17--Yale at New York.