Social Union Benefit Performance.

The third annual vaudeville performance for the benefit of the Cambridge Social Union will be given in Brattle Hall on Friday and Saturday evenings, February 24 and 25, at 8 o'clock.

The program, which will consist of two parts, is as follows:


Quartet--W. P. Sanger '05, C. J. Webber '05, R. C. Sturgis '05, W. W. Manton '05.

Fancy dances.

Impersonations.--S. Baird '03.

Troupe of trained animals.--A. E. Chase '05, L. A. Pettebone '05, H. Nash, Jr., '05, F. B. Sears '05, L. T. Swaim '05.


Musical comedians.--L. B. Hall '05, R. Nichols '05.

Burlesque on comic opera, arranged by S. Baird '03.--S. Baird '03, A. M. Scully '05, R. N. Baldwin '05, R. Oveson '05, P. D. Lamson '05, H. B. Webster '05, L. A. Pettebone '05, E. J. Fraser-Campbell, Jr., '06, H. M. Turner '06, W. S. Parker '06, S. K. Becker '06, H. S. Lord '06, J. A. Remick '06, L. Harrison '07, W. D. Dexter '07, W. T. Glidden '07, F. H. Warner '07, C. G. Osborne '07, S. Clarke '07, C. Wesselhoeft '08.

The orchestra, which will be composed of members of the University, will be led by G. R. Jones '05.

The general arrangements will be under the direction of R. N. Baldwin '05, assisted by C. Ehlermann, Jr., '05, J. S. Stone '05, F. B. Sears '05, G. S. Jackson '05, S. K. Becker '06, J. M. Morse '07, H. W. Durant '07.

Tickets at $1.50, $1, and 75 cents are on sale at Leavitt & Peirce's and Sever's, or may be obtained by mail by addressing P. O. Box 5, Cambridge.