All Candidates for University Team Report Today.--Squad Schedules.

Candidates for field positions on the University baseball team will report at the Cage dressed to play this afternoon. Keeler, of the New York American League team, will assist Coach Murphy and Captain Randall in instructing the men. Field candidates for the Freshman nine will be called out in about a week.

The former 2.30 o'clock battery squad will hereafter report at 1.30; the former 3 o'clock battery squad at 2 o'clock.

Field candidates for the University team will report as follows:

2.30 squad--W. F. Bradbury, A. Dana, H. F. Evans, H. E. Garceau, E. P. Gardiner, J. H. Giles, A. E. McCarty, J. B. Mahar, F. H. Nesmith, W. H. Nye, G. Q. Peters, D. A. Newhall, C. J. Stevens, C. W. Wickersham, H. V. Greenough, F. T. Colby, Mitchell, C. C. Bolton, J. D. Nichols, C. P. Greenough, R. E. Sperry, R. M. Gallagher.

3.15 squad--G. F. Austin, H. H. Bartlett, H. Bartlett, G. B. Boggs, J. L. Burns, P. R. Carpenter, S. M. Carver, J. P. Chandler, D. G. Field, E. F. Fish, W. A. Forbush, H. Foster, E. W. Jones, L. Morris, W. C. Matthews, L. A. Moore, W. S. Parker, G. A. Peters, H. Powers, J. P. Sokoll, F. A. Spencer, H. R. Stephens, W. A. Sturgis, E. Talbot, C. F. Usher, G. Waters.