University Calendar.

*Open to the Public. **Open to the University

Sunday, February 5.

*APPLETON CHAPEL, 7.30 P. M. Rev. Professor F. G. Peabody, of Cambridge. Rev. Professor Peabody will conduct morning prayers from February 6 to February 9. He may be found at Wadsworth House 1 daily from 11 to 1. Rev. H. Van Dyke, D.D., will conduct morning prayers from February 10 to February 21.

Tuesday, February 7.

FACULTY OF ARTS AND SCIENCES. Meeting at University 5, 4 P. M.

Wednesday, February 8.


*LECTURE.--Comment on the String Quartet, op. 59, No. 1, of Beethoven. (Illustrated on the Pianola.) Mr. T. W. Surette, of Columbia University. Lecture Room of the Fogg Museum, 4.30 P. M.

Thursday, February 9.

*VESPER SERVICE. Appleton Chapel, 5 P. M.

BOSTON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA CONCERT. Soloist: Mr. T. Adamowski, Sanders Theatre, 7.45 P. M.

Friday, February 10.

**UNIVERSITY TEA. Phillips Brooks House, 4 to 6 P. M.